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Translating Financial Complexity into Clear, Actionable Insights

I am a results-driven finance and pricing professional with a proven track record in strategic planning and financial analysis across diverse industries, including Telecoms, E-commerce, Banking, and Manufacturing. With a keen focus on optimizing financial performance, I excel in devising and implementing operational and pricing strategies that drive tangible results. My expertise extends to forecasting, business strategy, business case development, and business plan writing, enabling me to provide comprehensive financial solutions. With strong analytical and planning capabilities, I am dedicated to driving successful financial outcomes for my clients.

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Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Financial Forecasting

Comprehensive financial projections that help you understand your business's future performance, anticipate challenges, and seize opportunities.

Budgeting and Planning

Realistic budgets, setting achievable goals, and devising strategies to align your financial resources with your business objectives.

Valuation Modeling

Whether you're considering mergers, acquisitions, or raising capital, I provide expert valuation modeling services to ensure accurate assessments and informed decision-making.

Business Plans

Transforming Visions into Actionable Strategies: Unlocking Growth and Success through Comprehensive Business Plans and financial projections.

Case Studies

Dive into these compelling narratives that highlight the challenges faced by our clients and the innovative financial solutions crafted to help them overcome obstacles, drive growth, and achieve remarkable results. Each case study provides an in-depth analysis of our collaboration, revealing the intricacies of our approach and the transformative outcomes we delivered. Prepare to be inspired as you explore these illuminating accounts of businesses that have experienced firsthand the power of strategic financial guidance.

Sports Stadium

Tasked with making a recommendation for  a major US sports arena. The choices were refresh a luxury club, expand it, or make it into an ultra-premium space. The following instructions were given

A current space is ending its useful life and needs to be addressed. The CLUB is currently evaluating 3 possible business models for a luxury amenity. The potential scenarios are below along with some assumptions. Do a financial model and analysis, include any clarifying questions, and make an executive recommendation presentation on which concept would be best for the arena to invest in.

Financial Consultant for a Major US sports team / Arena

Capital Expansion Financial Model for 3 Options - 5 Year Projections

1. Current Club Concept
a. Capital Investment needed $1 Million to refresh

2. Expansion of Current Premium Space into this space to create one larger space. The space is restaurant style and operates like one as everything is paid-for purchase.
a. Capital Investment needed $2 Million

3. Ultra-Premium All-Inclusive Space
a. Capital Investment of $5 Million

I created a full Financial Model for 5 years for all 3 options (with additional assumptions from the company and my own) using financial valuation methods such as;


  1. Cash Flow

  2. Net Present Value

  3. Internal Rate of return

  4. Payback Period


I recommended refreshing the current club space, with a total projected cash flow of $2.4 M and payback period in 2 years & 4 months, 44% IRR and $1.4m @10%.


Niall Merry - Chief Strategy Officer, OV Loop Inc

"Peta-Gaye has worked on several pricing models and business cases for me. Her attention to detail and ability to transform raw data into insights was always impressive. Her models were used to launch several profitable multi-million dollar initiatives."

Theresa Higgins-Edwards - Managing Director, Headbandwigsandmore  

"I worked with Peta-Gaye to develop a financial plan model for my start-up company, and I couldn't be more impressed with the results. Her attention to detail and expertise in financial analysis were immediately apparent, and she took the time to truly understand my business and its unique needs.  I would highly recommend Peta-Gaye to anyone in need of financial modeling services – a true professional and a pleasure to work with"



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